Roof Racks
  • Manufactured in Greece
  • Meets 99% of the Market Needs
  • Top Quality material
  • Experience of over 30 years
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    Additives & Lubricants
  • High Standards and Specifications
  • Latest Technology incorporated in supreme-quality chemicals
  • Wide Range of items covering most market needs
  • Special Prices for Wholesale (Workshops, Mechanics)
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    Car Care Products
  • Multiple solutions for all needs
  • Availability of top-grade products
  • Availability of large quantities and bigger tanks for professionals
  • Special Prices for Wholesale (Car Wash, Detailers)
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    Automotive Lamps & Electronics
  • Huge selection of high-grade automotive lamps
  • Competitive Prices
  • High Availability with various prices
  • Special Prices for Wholesale (Electricians, Workshops)
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    Motor Oils
  • Manufactured in UK
  • ISO 9001 Certification, indicating highest of quality products
  • Up to date specifications
  • Constant Renovation
  • Special Prices for Wholesale (Mechanics, Car Workshop Specialists)
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    Soft 99
  • Soft99 serves Europe for more than 60 years.
  • Through Japanese technology, it crushes its competitors when it comes to quality, results and durability.
  • Soft99 is ideal for the Cyprus aggressive heat and prominent dust issues.
  • Find Soft99 in Limassol, Cyprus through our dedicated shop for more variety.
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    What we do

    In our webpage you can browse numerous solutions that best suit your needs related to car care & car detailing, automotive lubricants & additives and automotive lamps. 
    We provide equipment for 4×4 vehicles such as LED bars and also supply professionals with roof bars & racks. We supply a complete selection of wind deflectors, truck mirrors and car accessories.

    We promise to provide top-shelf products at a fair price with great assistance before and after your purchases. We also promise to distribute knowledge that might prove useful to any user of our products, amateur or professional.

    For the professionals, we will further support with social media recognition and advertising opportunities. We will always have what you need in stock and our deliveries will take place as fast as possible.

    Our Story

    We have been operating since 1975 in the field of car accessories. From a small firm, we have evolved to a major importing company specialising in car care products, engine oils, additives and lubricants, roof racks, motor lamps and many more products.


    Our Mission

     We strive to find solutions for every customer when it comes to taking care of their vehicles. We offer multiple grades of products at various prices to provide the right product to all our customers, providing both economical, yet effective solutions but also professional top-grade items for all car lovers.

    Our Promise

    We promise to provide our best selection of products to our valuable  customers. We promise to provide affordable prices for each of our products. We promise to give our best advice and assistance to those who seek it.

    We are Samurai, and Samurai honour their promises.


    Meet the team


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