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Samurai Car Accessories is a family owned business specializing in car care products, engine oils, additives & lubricants, motor lamps, roof racks and much more!

The company goes back 3 generations, to 1975, with Mr. Sotos Charalambous importing to Cyprus the first item he would set for sale, the Chamois Real Leather. Τhe product turned out to be a big success story, and paved the path for us to expand and supply over 10,000 different types of items & accessories, both retail and wholesale.

Samurai Car Accessories was passed from Mr. Sotos to his son, George, who made drastic improvements and sealed deals with big firms and supermarkets to further promote our brands. 

Today, Samurai Car Accessories is being run by Mr. Sotos’ grandson, Sokratis, who continues the family tradition and promotes our brands.


& Objectives

Our mission is to supply the Cyprus Economy with quality products for their automobile and home needs, while providing knowledge and good after service to our loyal customers.

Our promise is to provide you with the best selection of products, in affordable prices, and to give  you our best advice and assistance when you seek it.


Our Vision

Our ideal is to have improved society and the economy through our trading routines and the personal relationships we build with our customers and cooperators


Meet our people

People who know me for years are aware that I love a challenge. I think this is what I mostly love about my family business, the challenge to further grow what my grandfather and father started into something more, while dealing with the changes of a rapidly developing world. I also really enjoy meeting new people all over Cyprus and beyond. I couldn’t ask for more

Sokratis Charalambous


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