The Evolution of Quick Detailers

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The Evolution of Quick Detailers

At some point of our lives, we have probably come across a car wax. A car wax is a solution, usually in paste form, that offers some properties on a paintwork, usually in the form of protection, gloss and hydrophobicity.

Some of us might wax our vehicles regularly, others might be professionals on this field. Some may have never waxed a car before. That is ok!

Through the passage of time, waxes have advanced a lot, offering various capabilities in forms of protection and gloss on our paintworks. One of the changes was the speed of application, and that is where quick detailers come in.

A quick detailer is a coating, usually in the form of liquid, that offers some form of properties on a paintwork. Its main characteristic is the faster speed to apply it, as usually you simply need to spray on, wipe off and you have a finished piece of art. Typically, the properties one should be looking for in a quick detailer is protection, gloss and hydrophobicity – the ability to repel water from the paintwork.

We have long studied quick detailers and we made sure to include only the best in our detailing arsenal, which will be listed below:

  • Fukupika Advanced Type Strong – Fukupika is on of Soft99 most trusted family brands as it focuses on ease of application, especially when you don’t want to use water on your vehicle. This formula allows the user to not only wash their car with this sprayer, but also protect, shine and apply hydrophobicity too! It is one of the best waterless solutions out there and guarantees very pleasing results.
  • Luxury Gloss – Luxury Gloss is the answer to “Which quick detailer gives me the best gloss”. Luxury Gloss is water based, making the application process very easy, providing with strong protection, hydrophobicity and extreme gloss up to a month. It is the best quick detailer for the people who love taking care of the vehicles regularly and want to have top gloss on their vehicles. You can enjoy the procedure further because the formula leaves a smooth scent of mango when using it! Luxury Gloss can also be used to top up Kiwami Wax.
  • Smooth Egg Liquid – Smooth Egg liquid is a solution with ceramic components which can be used to either enhance an existing ceramic coating and restore its properties, or used as a standalone product on the paintwork, enjoying the benefits of a ceramic coating for 6 months. It also provides gloss and hydrophobicity, as well as ceramic level protection on the paintwork. Ceramic protection offers higher resistance to harsh chemicals, usually found in tree saps and bird droppings, a major pollutant of our vehicles paint.
  • Fusso Coat Speed & Barrier – One of Soft99 flagship products, in liquid form. Fusso means Teflon in Japanese. Teflon has properties in its formula which tend to repel unwanted pollutants, such as dust and chemicals from the paintwork. Speed & Barrier can be used as a standalone product, or can be used to enhance the properties of the well known Fusso Coat. It provides with long lasting protection of 6 months, high gloss and impressive hydrophobicity.
  • Rain Drop “Bazooka” – Rain Drop is a special kind of quick detailer. It is the fastest of the family, with RAS Technology and offers supreme protection not only on the paintwork, but on the glass, trim, wheels and headlights too. We believe 10 minutes is a good approximation of protecting your entire car, 3 months for the paint and 2 months on the glass. The reason why Rain Drop is so special, is because it needs to be applied on a wet surface. After washing and rinsing the car, simply spray a little of the formula, wipe on and wipe off and you are ready to go!

Since the evolution of Quick Detailers, more vehicle owners tend to use them as it is not so time consuming anymore. They are the answer to the people who have limited time at their disposal, but still wish to have a tidy, well protected vehicle.

Of course, many people still prefer the more traditional way of protection, waxing. The important thing is that we can have choices of what protection to offer. While we have limitations on time or budget, there is always a solution available in order to have your vehicle always looking good!

Remember that a good-looking car preserves its value. Moreover, having a protected car decreases the amount of time needed to wash it, as the water easy glides off the paint. Take care if your vehicle and it will take care of you too!



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