Let’s go from Palodia to Central Limassol at 8 o’ clock in the morning. You will be lucky if you spend less than 30 minutes on the road. It gets even better while enjoying the hellish heat of the Cyprus summer.

There has been an increasing number of car registration average over the last 5 years, recovering from a historic low of 3 car registrations in September 2014 (https://tradingeconomics.com/cyprus/car-registrations). On the other hand, Cyprus has to endure very high temperatures, especially in summer when we even reach 45 degrees Celcius.

It is logical to deduce that all this heat causes a lot of damage not only to us and our mood, but to our cars as well. Some of the main damages occur in the interior of the car with destroyed dashboards and faded vinyl and upholstery/leather seats. The biggest problem happens on the exterior of the car, the car paint. You will see countless cars with faded paint, mainly on the engine hood and the roof top, where the sun hits directly with its UV sunlight. Not only cars with faded paints look bad, their selling value becomes extremely low. It is the first thing any buyer sees first!

We can’t control the climate, but we can take precautions to protect our vehicles. Best way to protect your vehicle is to generally avoid constant exposure to direct sunlight. However, this is not always possible and the heat is not the only enemy of your car’s paint.

In my opinion, the car should be treated with a protective wax. A wax is a layer; a shield if you like, applied to the car paint by a professional or amateur, and provides protection from the UV radiation, the “bad” sunlight, the same light that burns us when we visit the beach.

There are various types of waxes and depending on the quality, different properties can be achieved. One can achieve full protection of UV radiation when the wax is applied properly. Depending on the quality, this layer can protect the car for a specific number of days and can withstand a number of car washes without having its protection deteriorated. The car will become shiny and beautiful to look at; a good wax can restore the sharpness of the car’s paint and revitalize its colour depth. Moreover, there are waxes which make the car scratch resistant (NOT scratch proof); giving some protection from those stone chips that fly out from the street while driving. The wax will also make the touch of the car smoother. Lastly, a good wax will provide water-repellency, also known as hydrophobicity. This is the effect when the water does not stick to the car paint and is easily moved away, it is being repelled away from the paint, leaving a perfect look for the car.

I personally only use high-end products on my car, I firmly believe that I should spend enough money to preserve my car and keep it clean and healthy for me and my passengers. I have used “The Kiwami” wax by Soft99, a Japanese made wax providing a great balance of shine and protection, along with strong hydrophobicity. It has shown amazing results and has a fair durability of at least 3 months, enough to protect my car from the strong summer.  The Kiwami series has two colour tone variations, dark and light. I own a black Nissan Qashqai thus I have used the dark Kiwami.

Before one applies the wax, it is highly recommended to have a surface scratch and swirl free and ready to accept the new protective layer of wax. I have used Micro-liquid compound (dark colour varation) for a 1 step-correction and have removed all swirls and scratches on my cars engine hood. Before the compound, I have used neutral-Ph creamy shampoo and the used a mild clay bar to remove any contaminants my car used to have. All mentioned products belong to the Soft99 series.

It is furthermore recommended that the car owner preserves the car wax by regularly washing the car when it is dirty. It is important that if bird droppings and tree sap is on the car surface to be removed as quick as spotted. Their acidity can penetrate the wax or professional coating and will damage the paint.

Last but not least, it is advised that the effect of the wax is rejuvenated once in a while. This can be achieved using specific shampoos or by spraying chemicals known as “quick detailers”. Any coating/wax will deteriorate slowly through the passage of time, it is inevitable. By revitalizing it with a quick detailer, you will make its effect more long lasting. I have the Soft99 Fusso Speed & Barrier 400ml at my disposal and will use it in the beginning of August. I will comment on the results in later post.

There is much more to be discussed on car maintenance that you will be able to read for free in future posts similar to this. Do you have any requests, questions or feedback to submit? Please email samuraicyprus@gmail.com and let us hear you out!

All products will be listed below. Should you wish to have a look, simply click on their corresponding link!

Sokratis Charalampous

Managing Director of Samurai Car Accessories

Soft99 “The Kiwami” Dark 200g

Soft99 Micro-Liquid Compound Dark 250ml

Soft99 Fusso Speed & Barrier 400ml

Soft99 Neutral Creamy Shampoo 1L

Soft99 Smooth Egg Clay Bar (2 pieces)

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Let’s go from Palodia to Central Limassol at 8 o’ clock in the morning. You will be lucky if you spend less than 30 minutes

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